The Bryler Foundation has been supporting some of the bravest scientists and activists in the world. Integer nec orci eget tortor ultrices faucibus eu vitae nisl. Curabitur cursus laoreet magna at dignissim. Nam sit amet vehicula erat. Aliquam et massa mollis erat commodo dignissim a ut justo. Praesent lorem nulla, blandit a pulvinar sit amet, commodo vitae libero.

From finding climate change solutions to providing clean water in Ugandan villages, no act is too big or too small for the Bryler Foundation. Cras mattis ligula vel erat tempus, eu commodo massa facilisis. Vestibulum sed diam dui. Nulla pellentesque eleifend massa non tempor. Praesent quam orci, scelerisque id feugiat pulvinar, convallis eget elit. Fusce dolor


Student/Alumni Accomplishments

  • Berlin Youth Symphony of Germany (flutist)
  • Bozeman Opera (2nd flute)
  • Billings Symphony (3rd flute/picc)
  • Duluth Superior Symphony (sub list)
  • Aria International Summer Academy
  • Birch Creek Summer Music Camp Symphony
  • Chicago Youth Symphony
  • Norsk Fløytefestival and Sommerakademi Voskenåsen Flute classes in Norway
  • Sewanee Summer Music Festival
  • Zeitgeist New Music Ensemble

Admittance to the following Universities for music studies:

  • Bowling Green State University (with Presidential Scholarship, Teaching Assistantship, and Stipend)
  • DePaul School of Music (with Scholarship)
  • Emory University
  • Indiana University
  • University of Montana (with Graduate Teaching Assistantship)


  • Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) Chicago Arts, Entrepreneurship and Urban Studies Program
  • Global Music Award and Annual Humanitarian Award
  • Piper Center Vocation and Career Internship Funding
  • Schubert Club Community Engagement Grant for Music Education project

Regional, National, International performances:

  • Upper Midwest Flute Association Flute Fest Masterclasses with Denis Bouriakov, Sarah Jackson, Jonathan Keeble
  • Four Senior Soloists with the St. Olaf Orchestra
  • Four other Tour Soloists with the St. Olaf Orchestra, St. Olaf Band, and St. Olaf Norseman Band
  • One piccolo Tour Soloist with St. Olaf Band


Updated April 2016


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